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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Lifeline’

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Text-based games have always been fun to jump into from time to time, as they always provide so many choices to create a story, using the power of your imagination to bring to life the story you are creating. That said, it’s rare that I ever find one I’m willing to pay for. Rare, but not unheard of. And so, here’s one that’ll cost you a (very) little, but it’s worth it.

In “Lifeline,” you help an astronaut named Taylor who has awakened on an alien moon after a crash landing and must make life or death decisions to survive. The rest of the crew is either dead or missing and Taylor’s communicator can only contact you, the player, who helps him make his decisions.

The game has an absolutely gripping story, and the decisions are presented in an A or B format, but even just two choices can create a butterfly effect for the rest of the story. The game utilizes your mobile device in super creative ways, in which the story is playing out in “real time.” You might have to close the app and go into Google to search whether or not something might kill Taylor, like you would at real mission control. You might even have to step away from the game, but even while you’re away, the game sends you mobile notifications from Taylor, letting you know what he is up to on the alien planet. The game ends if Taylor dies; you can either start completely over or you can go back to a certain point of your story and make different decisions. Starting over feels more fun though; it’s a chance to help Taylor in a whole new way.

The game plays out in small three-minute average chunks as Taylor has to sometimes take real time to perform a task, which is great if you don’t really have a ton of time. If you like science fiction or text-based story games, “Lifeline” fits super great into a niche that includes both. With so many outcomes to each play through from so many decisions, “Lifeline” will provide many hours of fun beyond the first story you experience.

“Lifeline” is a small $0.99 investment on the Android and IOS stores. It’s just a dollar, but it offers an amazing amount of storytelling and intrigue for that one dollar.

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