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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Lapse: A Forgotten Future’

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In my quest to kill time, I like to try to find many types of games; however, one genre of games I never really forayed into is text-based adventure. So I thought I would give one a try.

This week's time waster is “Lapse: A Forgotten Future.”

In “Lapse” you wake up as the President of an unnamed country, without any recollection of who you are or even how you became president. All you know is that the year is 2075 and there was a nuclear war; you must lead your nation to either salvation or destruction.

The premise is simple: you have to balance the effects of environmental, social, security and economic decisions to keep your nation thriving. Let one of the four fall to zero and your presidency is over. Members of your cabinet will approach you and ask you to make a decision about a situation; you swipe left or right to make it and watch how it affects the nation.

When you fail, you wake up again and have to restart. Time does move forward however, due to some sort of time anomaly which makes you immortal until you reach one of three endings. As you begin to make the right decisions and correct your previously wrong ones, new situations and characters are brought forth to you, growing harder and more complex. Science fiction elements are present in the story – stuff like time travel and mutated creatures and diseases from the radiation – that are interesting to deal with. I failed over and over, but something about it just kept me trying to push forward because I wanted to see how the game eventually ended.

“Lapse: A Forgotten Future” is free to download on the Android store.


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