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One of the movies that terrified me the most as a kid was “Jaws”. After watching it, I didn’t want to go swimming in the ocean for a while; it might have taken me about a year or so to conjure up the courage to go into the ocean again. At this point in my life, I’ve watched it numerous times and the fear of going into the ocean is gone.

But now I get the chance to be the danger that keeps people out of the water, thanks to “”

“” is a multiplayer game that sees one person take on the role of the iconic shark, who is tasked with eating people in the ocean and sinking boats into the bottom of the ocean. The other players? Well, they control the boats. Those who play as boats must patrol the coastline and pick up the swimmers who are stranded. They also have the task of turning Jaws into chum. As you pick up swimmers in your boat, you begin to run out of space and are going to “need a bigger boat.” The more swimmers you pick up, the larger your boat gets. The larger your boat gets, the easier it is to take down Jaws with it.

All in all, “” is a fun little game that brings back the memories of how terrifying Jaws truly was as a movie character. Only this time around, you get to either devour your way to victory as the iconic Jaws or take him out with your bigger boat – the choice is yours.

“” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores!


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