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Weekly Time Waster - ‘It’s Literally Just Mowing’

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Many of us out there mow our lawns from time to time, as the grass gets tall and makes the exterior of our home look uninviting. Well, what if you could take a break from mowing your own lawn … and mow some virtual lawns instead?

Don’t let the title of the game “It’s Literally Just Mowing” fool you, as the game is LITERALLY just about mowing lawns and nothing more. In this game, you have a driving lawn mower, and you are tasked with mowing various lawns around the neighborhood. Each property has a few obstacles to try and mow around, such as garden plots, houses, and trees, and with those obstacles in mind you need to make sure you get every single blade of grass to complete the level.

You control your mower by swiping the screen to have it change direction, as it is constantly moving. There are a few cool unique levels you can play, such as a football field; there are tons of different customization options with which you can outfit your mower as you complete each level. The grass is also worth mentioning – it looks insanely realistic for a simple mobile game. It’s almost soothing to watch it sway in the wind and watch it get cut as your mower rolls over it.

“It’s Literally Just Mowing” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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