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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Ink Inc.’

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Ever wondered what it is like to give someone a tattoo? Want to experience that feeling without actually having to buy a machine or, you know … learn how to tattoo? Well, that’s what video games are for!

In “Ink Inc.” you are a tattoo artist who must please all your customers who come into your shop. As each customer comes into the shop, they will request a certain type of tattoo, which you must draw and color as close to the design as possible. Following dotted lines, you must try not to make any mistakes, or you will dissatisfy your customer. Each tattoo has a difficulty level, ranging from drawing a simple filled-in cloud to an extremely-detailed bird with multiple colors to fill in.

When you’re done drawing each tattoo, the game compares your drawn tattoo to an image of a perfectly-executed one and gives you a rating. After that, you get to see your customer react to the tattoo you’ve just drawn and walk out of the shop; they’re either smiling or regretting their decision to ink their arm.

The game has a nice simple art design, while the sound of the tattoo pen is about as realistic as one you would hear in an actual tattoo shop. The designers of the game also tapped into your phone’s vibration function; your phone will give you a nice haptic feedback experience while you are inking your customers.

Whether you like tattoos or you’re just a fan of art, “Ink Inc.” will let you enjoy drawing and coloring shapes to your hearts content. “Ink Inc.” is available for free on the Android and IOS stores.

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