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Weekly Time Waster - ‘ID Please’

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One of the caveats of going out to the club on the weekend, is getting past the bouncer with not only your identification, but sometimes your appearance and personality. Have you ever been to a club before and your entrance to a fun night of dancing to loud bass music was denied by the bouncer?

Well, in “ID Please,” you get to be that very bouncer … and now YOU hold the torch of decision.

In “ID Please” you are the bouncer of a night club, and your job is to deal with any incoming patrons seeking entrance to the newest, hottest club in town. However, the owner is picky on who can come into the club on any given day, so not “everyone” gets to come in. Each day, you are given certain criteria to decide who enters or who does not. You can break the rules of course, but it can cost you in score. For instance, one night, the club owner might only want people with blue shirts and no drunks. Anyone with a blue shirt and isn’t a drunk, you let them in by swiping right. Anyone else, they get a left swipe.

While you have your set of stipulations, you will also have tricksters try to get in, people fighting that you have to tap the screen to break up and you might even get the occasional bribe to let someone who doesn’t fit the criteria enter the club. At the end of each day, based on the goals you completed, you get money and stars. You can use your money and stars to customize your characters house, as well as appearance. With over 50 levels to try for three stars, there’s plenty of time to waste here.

“ID Please” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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