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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Hello Neighbor’

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We all wonder what our neighbors are up to, especially when they seem creepy. Well, the main character in our Time Waster this week decides to take on that task.

In “Hello Neighbor,” you play as a man named Nicky, who has moved into a new house across the street from a creepy neighbor named Mr. Peterson. In a “Disturbia,” Shia LaBeouf-movie fashion, you spy on this said neighbor. Mr. Peterson seems to always act in a paranoid manner and never wants anyone to go into his basement. So as you can imagine, you make it your goal to sneak into Mr. Peterson's house and discover his secrets. As you break into the house, you must avoid him and solve puzzles to discover Peterson’s dark secrets. However, if he catches you, you will be sent back to your house and have to break in again.

Mr. Peterson is smart and will adapt to everything you did. For instance, the first time I tried to break in, I looked through his front door keyhole to find him jogging in place to a Richard Simmons-type workout video in his living room. So I decided to climb up to the second story, where I made noise opening a window and got caught. The next time I went over, the keyhole was taped up and that specific window was locked and he wasn't in his living room. Eventually as you discover more secrets, the story unfolds into something truly amazing.

So go spy on Mr. Peterson (but not your real neighbor) in “Hello Neighbor” and let me know what you find out. This game is available to download for free in the Android and IOS stores. If you want to support the developer, there are some extra story missions that cost a few dollars.


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