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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Hell Let Loose’ – Console update

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Back in October, I touched upon a World War II shooter called “Hell Let Loose.” When I wrote about it last fall, the new console release was very much behind the PC version in terms of both content and development. That all changed May 16 with a massive content update.

For a quick refresher, “HLL” is a realistic World War II first-person shooter featuring 100 players on massive, meticulously recreated maps from WWII. Infantry, tanks, artillery and more battle in all-out warfare. Each team either attacks or defends, which leads to a constantly-shifting frontline.

Initially, the console version of the game only featured the European Front of WWII, with American and German factions fighting on maps in France, but with this new update, the Eastern Front arrives, along with new maps, tanks, weapons and factions.

In this new update to “HLL,” you will be able to fight in Stalingrad, one of the primary battles in the Eastern Front, as well as in Kursk, another major battle with a large emphasis on armored warfare. The update also features a few revisions to maps already in the game – a nice addition. Lots of new weapons – including the PPSh-41, SVT-40 and M97 Trench Gun – join the armory, as well as iconic tanks such as the T34 and IS-1.

“HLL” is an incredible WW2 simulation and if you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s absolutely worth the purchase. I know, I know – I usually focus on free, but this game goes on sale all the time. The developers have worked extremely hard to give everything a historically accurate treatment; it’s great fun to play and you might even meet some incredible people from all around the world and do battle with or against them.

Sure, this space is for a “Weekly Time Waster,” but if this kind of game is your thing, it might wind up becoming become a daily time waster.

“Hell Let Loose” is available to purchase on the PlayStation, Xbox and Steam stores.

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