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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Hell Let Loose’

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Video games have depicted World War II in a variety of ways over the years, from the early days of “Medal of Honor” to current series like “Call of Duty.” Not many of them though have truly simulated the true horrors of war.

“Hell Let Loose” (HLL for short) breaks the chains off that lack of realism and throws you into multiplayer matches with 100 people, making you hear, see and feel like you are running through an episode of “Band of Brothers.”

“HLL” is a realistic, tactical WW2 shooter, made by the gaming studio Black Matter. With two theaters of war currently available – the Western Front and the Eastern Front (coming very soon on console but out on PC) – you get to fight in some of the most iconic battles of the war: Carentan, Stalingrad, Utah Beach, Hürtgen Forest and more.

This game offers an insane realistic take on combat. Weapons are punchy with large amounts of recoil, explosions kick up insane amounts of dirt and particles and bullets whiz by your ears and hit things all around you. In “HLL,” you are a small cog in the machine, as this game doesn’t reward those who want to run around by themselves and try to eliminate enemy players. The only way to win is through teamwork.

Tanks support infantry, while trying to penetrate the armor of other tanks. They’re treated realistically; you have to shift the gears as you move and they can only be crewed by multiple players who each take on a real crewmember role. Recon squads cover movement as they pick off enemies from afar. Players in engineering roles build supply chains, sandbags and weapon emplacements. There is even a chain of command, as one person commands the entire team, relaying orders down to squad leaders, who then relay orders down to their squadmates.

With each map built to complete accuracy from aerial reconnaissance images and real images on location from WW2, “HLL” sits on top of the throne of authenticity. To win, a team must push from one end of the map to the other, attacking or defending sectors. As one team captures a sector, they push on to capture the next one, while the defenders need to dig in. All in all, with 100 players on a map (50 vs 50), over 14 defined roles to play and many different assortments of vehicles, weapons and authentic equipment to use from the time period, “HLL” is the king of World War II shooters – and it needs to be on your gaming system right now.

“HLL” is FREE to download currently for all PlayStation 5 owners until November 2. If you are on PC or Xbox, you can download it for a very reasonable price.

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