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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Happy Glass’

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I don't really know how I stumbled upon “Happy Glass.” It just kind of popped up as a “recommended game” in my app store. I don't know why it was recommended to me; I never really play games of this caliber, nor have I played anything close to it before. But it turns out that “Happy Glass” was SO out of the box as far as my gaming habits were concerned that it hooked me.

“Happy Glass” is basically what its name implies. There is a drinking glass and he is unhappy. Why is he unhappy? Because he is not full of water. Fill him up with water! And that’s “Happy Glass.”

The game presents you with a series of levels in which water comes out of a spout far away from your empty glass. You must draw a line, using the platforms and obstacles on each level to your advantage, to make the best possible path to the glass. You can earn up to three stars on each level; and the stars go down as you draw more lines. You get three stars for the optimal amount of lines you draw to get to the glass. Underfill the glass and you don't complete the level. Fill the glass up to the line and the sad glass becomes happy. Most levels look easy at a glance, but you'd be surprised with what it sometimes takes to get the most stars out of the level.

With challenging puzzles and lots of levels to keep you occupied, “Happy Glass” deserves a spot on your mobile device. This game is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.


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