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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Grand Prix Story 2’

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One of my favorite cartoons as a kid was “Speed Racer.” It was funny and had so many cool moments; you always hoped that Speed was going to come out on top of every race. He had the coolest car and the coolest team to back him up. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a racing team to manage and build cool cars like Speed Racer’s?

Well, we’re in luck.

“Grand Prix Story 2” sees you as the coach of a racing team. You’re in charge of hiring and firing the drivers and mechanics, training them and using all your resources to develop the best cars you possibly can to compete against other racing teams around the world. The granddaddy of all the races your team competes in is the Grand Prix. As you win races, you get cash to help your team develop further. You can upgrade your racing team’s buildings and facilities to help your racing dynasty grow. You also will gain fans and sponsors, who give your team gifts and upgrades as you win.

You must think strategically, as the wrong car or driver for the wrong race will cost your team massively. You can’t win all races with a single car or driver. The racing part itself is mostly simulation, with you controlling just a few things with ease!

“Grand Prix Story 2” is a heck of a racing simulation game and it deserves a spot on your app list. “Grand Prix Story 2” is available for free on the Android and IOS stores.


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