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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Forge Ahead’

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I finally started watching “Game of Thrones” on HBO. Late to the party, I know. And as I’ve watched, I’ve fallen in love with medieval times again. What would it be like to be a blacksmith, having to make enough armor and swords for an entire army to defend a castle with? Well, the mobile gaming world gave me my answer, as it usually does.

“Forge Ahead” puts you in the shoes of a blacksmith shop owner. While skipping a few steps in crafting medieval weaponry, you are tasked with mining metals, melting them down, molding them into various swords and then hammering them into shape. Once your sword is complete, you sell it for money. As you play this game, you learn to combine different metals to create more expensive or even exotic swords, being able to price them high. This game is extremely simple and very inviting as far as time-wasting is concerned. The two best parts are mining the ores and actually hammering the sword into shape. It is quite relaxing putting a red-hot warped sword on an anvil and hammering it out.

There are also missions that come along while you play. For instance, one of the first missions I received was a tax collector coming into my shop and asking for a weapon within 10 minutes to protect his mother’s gold in the north. I completed his sword, he paid me; later, he visited again to tell me he completed his mission in protecting his mother. It was nice of him to check back with me, it made me feel like a competent, helpful blacksmith.

“Forge Ahead” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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