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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Fleet Battle – Sea Battle’

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If you were a kid (and let’s face it, we all were) you might have likely played the game of “Battleship” at least once. It was simple, sink the other person’s battleships in a guessing game and you were crowned king of the sea. Well, with the Hasbro version costing money, I turned to a free version on the app store, and it’s fantastic.

“Fleet Battle – Sea Battle” is a take on classic “Battleship.” However, there’s a twist. In the classic game, all your ships are regular linear shaped ships. In “Fleet Battle”, your aircraft carrier and submarine are irregularly shaped, with parts to be hit protruding out their sides. It makes for an interesting situation. “Fleet Battle” is the same simple premise as “Battleship.” Your radar systems have failed, so as the weapons officer, you must direct fire blindly into the enemy’s known territory. As you hit ships, you must keep guessing which direction they face.

Each player has five ships – first to sink all five wins the game. With both offline and online multiplayer that lets you rank up to admiral, there is plenty of destruction to be had. With lots of collectible blueprints in the game, you can give your ships special skins based on real ships.

There are three different ways to play. You have your classic mode, where each player takes turns firing one shot. There’s Hitting Streak mode, which is the game’s default. In Hitting Streak, every time you hit a ship, you get to fire again until you miss. The last game mode – my personal favorite – is Chainfire. In Chainfire, you get to fire as many times as you have ships available. So, if you’re down to three ships, you can fire three times. This mode is my favorite as it rewards you for good ship placement and keeping yourself one step above the other player.

“Fleet Battle – Sea Battle” is the best alternative to the licensed “Battleship” game I could find – an absolute blast! Free to download on the Android and IOS stores!


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