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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Fishing Strike’

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Spring is here and so is fishing season. Some of us might not have had the time to venture out onto the glistening water to relax in a day of fishing just yet. In the meantime, I may have found an answer for those fishermen.

“Fishing Strike” puts you in the shoes of a big game sports fisherman, traveling the world to catch the biggest, baddest and rarest fish the sea has to offer. Anything from large marlin to massive sharks, the world is your oyster (pun absolutely intended). The game has inspired real-world fishing spots in which to indulge; of course, they need to be unlocked by completing challenges in the various locations. The options of how to play the game are immense, while the gameplay itself is intense.

“Fishing Strike” presents itself with a style that feels like you are playing a game straight out of an arcade - it is very visually pleasing. With daily rewards and tasks to complete - as well as many things to unlock - there is always something to waste just a little bit of time on. One neat thing about the game, is all the fish you catch, you can either throw away or keep. The ones you keep go into a massive customizable aquarium for your viewing pleasure. The aquarium not only is a time capsule of your fishing adventures, but also a showcase of what fish you have yet to tackle.

With such a big well-made fishing game, you’re bound to catch a large amount of fun. Download “Fishing Strike” for free off the Android and IOS stores today!


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