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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Farming Simulator 14’

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Ever driven by a farm and said to yourself, “What would it really by like running a farm? I couldn’t even imagine.” Well, if you want to find out, you can try to run a farm on your mobile device! The “Farming Simulator” series has been around for a long time; a free version has made its way onto mobile.

Fun Fact: “Farming Simulator” has somehow become so popular over its life, that it has spawned an ESports league in Europe with $280,000 in prize money!

In “Farming Simulator 14”, you play as the owner/operator of a farm. You must plant, maintain, feed and harvest your crops and livestock to ensure your farm is profitable. With many real farming machines and tractors to control, there are copious amounts of tasks to be done.

Your farm contains many things: silos, a cowshed, manure and fertilizer, a diesel fill station, a mill and more. To plant crops, you must cultivate the fields, sow the seeds, and then harvest them using many different types of farm equipment. You need to keep an eye on your crops however, as if you don’t harvest them in time, they will dry up and die. Your meadows must be maintained so you have hay for your cows. You must mow, tedder and then bale the hay in your meadows.

The game starts you out in an old harvester with not a lot of money. You are put in front of a ripe field of wheat to harvest your first payday. You also own an old tractor, trailer, cultivator and sowing machine in the beginning that really could be replaced. From there, your farm – and its future – is in your hands.

What’s great about “Farming Simulator 14” is how relaxing it is, and realistic in a sense. The developers of the game really made it feel like you are driving the tractors and using the equipment when tending to your farm. It’s also a learning experience to see how things can go wrong and how you must adapt.

“Farming Simulator 14” is free to download on the Android and IOS Stores.


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