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Weekly Time Waster - 'Faraway: Puzzle Escape'

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We sure do love us some puzzle games here at The Maine Edge. And what better way to waste some time by doing some fun digital puzzles, inside of a story-driven world? In this week's time-waster, we will look at a compelling little game called “Faraway: Puzzle Escape.”

In “Faraway: Puzzle Escape,” you are following your fathers footsteps to find and collect rare artifacts. You are sort of an Indiana Jones-type of character; getting lost in temple labyrinths and exploring desert ruins are in your day-to-day job description. Just like Indiana, while searching ruins, you find yourself coming across many puzzles and challenges left behind by the ancients. If your worthy enough, you will complete their puzzles.

With over 18 temples to explore (nine are free, but if you want to support the developer, $2.99 can buy the rest of the levels), packed with puzzles, this game will surely get the cogs in your brain turning. These puzzles are no easy task, but they aren't impossibly hard either. 

The story is engaging, as you collect journal entries left behind by your father, to find out what happened to your family. The graphics are also fantastic, as you navigate a 3-D world from deserts to an oasis to solve these puzzles. The answers to puzzles might not always be right in front of you either, as you must investigate around to figure out how to complete them.

“Faraway: Puzzle Escape” is a fantastic game that will have you captivated from puzzle to puzzle. Download for free from both the Android and IOS stores.


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