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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Fallout Shelter’

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The year is 2077 and a Great War breaks out between the United States and China over natural resources. It ends in an unfortunate nuclear holocaust. 

Don’t worry though - a capitalist company called Vault-Tec has created hundreds of underground fallout shelters. You know, just in case. Vault-Tec built them years in advance and let people buy “apartments” within them for peace of mind.

Well, in a nice little mobile game called “Fallout Shelter,” you get to be in charge of one of those vaults, and do with it as you please.

“Fallout Shelter” is based on the critically-acclaimed video game series “Fallout.” The game puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground shelter to run and manage to your liking. It’s very basic, but very fun. You must keep your dwellers happy and protect them from the outside world while creating a functioning society. You get to assign your citizens jobs, dress them all up, make them fall in love, give them weapons - or even torture them if you’re into that kind of weird stuff. I mean, what else are they going to do?

A nuclear holocaust would be nothing without some dangerous exploring, right? You can handpick your “less favorite” vault dwellers to go to the surface (with protective gear of course) to find supplies, and other survivors. From time to time, you even have to defend your vault from the raiders and mutated creatures of the outside world. They need their ice cold “Nuka-Cola” and “Mississippi Quantum Pie” too, after all!

“Fallout Shelter” is free to download from the Android and IOS stores.


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