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Weekly Time Waster - ‘F1 Manager’

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It’s racing season, and even though many of us might be terrified to ever sit in the driver's seat of a race car, that doesn’t mean there aren’t possibilities to play with race cars in our digital world!

In “F1 Manager,” you get to take on the role of a Formula One team manager. With a roster full of current drivers and teams and featuring all 21 real Formula One racetracks, the developers of this game really want you to feel like a real team manager. You must build your team and roster with different drivers, micromanage how the cars are built, and even manage sponsorships to ensure you have money to keep your team on the track.

The kicker? You play online against other players.

Think you built the best team on the track? You get to prove who is best on the track as your hired drivers will run a race that you essentially watch, and hope they perform well. The more you win, the more sponsorships you get, as well as more skilled drivers who want to be part of your team.

And you’re the one managing how your racers drive on the track. You can have them be aggressive, conservative or you can have them play the long game and try to have a close finish. Choosing how your racer performs also creates tactical challenges, as fuel and tire wear are factors. There are also weather effects in the game that change how cars handle, as well as accidents that can happen on the track.

“F1 Manager” made me feel like I can manage a real racing team – an absolute blast for time-wasting. “F1 Manager” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.


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