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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Eyes: Scary Thriller’

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Well folks, Halloween is just around the corner, so it seemed only appropriate to find something scary and unsettling to play as a time waster. Boy, did I come through.

“Eyes” is a game that is reminiscent of the old “Slenderman” games, where you must walk around a map, collect things and avoid a scary monster. In this case, you walk around a creepy mansion, collect money bags and run away from a horrific, flying serpent head with teeth. Emphasis on the horrific.

This game is weird – and I mean SUPER weird – between the sounds, the eerie music and the atmosphere of the game in general. That’s what this spooky time of year is all about though, right?

You use a virtual joystick to move your character and pick up objects by tapping on them. I will admit though, as easy as it sounds, if you plug in a pair of headphones and play in the darkness of your living room, mustering up the courage to do that sort of fades away. Every room has an ominous look to it. The wind howls and your footsteps are loud. Clocks tick in rooms and hallways. Doors creak when opened. However, when you hear the warning sounds to let you know the monster is nearby (I won’t tell you what they are, you need to experience the sounds for yourself), you know it’s time to run! There are a few other levels and monsters to experience, but they all play the same – just some different scenery!

“Eyes: Scary Thriller” is available to download for free on the Android and IOS stores. As I said, headphones and a dark room are highly recommended.

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