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Weekly Time Waster - ‘#DRIVE’

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In an app store full of endless runner games like “Temple Run” and “Jetpack Joyride,” it’s easy to get burned out - there are just so many of them. “#DRIVE” tries to break the mold and present an endless runner type game that brings in some new features, and a cool theme.

“#DRIVE” puts you in the driver seat of a fast car and tasks you with driving for as long and as fast as you can. Heavily inspired by ‘70s action movies like “The Blues Brothers” or “Vanishing Point,” you hit the road and try not to run into anything that will crash your car. Along the way, you can pick up power-ups: a magnet that sucks in coins so you can focus on dodging obstacles or donuts that you throw at police officers who try and chase you for speeding.

One of the caveats to “#DRIVE” is you don’t just try and go for as long as you can by avoiding obstacles – you also have to keep your gas tank full. There are various gas stations spread out along your journey, but sometimes missing one can mean that your road trip comes to an unceremonious end.

The game has a large variety of different maps and many vehicles ranging from European hatchbacks to American muscle cars, all unlocked simply by playing the game. It’s an extremely relaxing experience, and plenty enjoyable thanks to its graphics and soundtrack. If you are looking for something to waste a few minutes of time on here and there, a game that always challenges you to do better than your last attempt, well … “#DRIVE” is that game for you.

“#DRIVE” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores. Hit the road and never look back.

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