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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Draw Saber’

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Any fan of “Star Wars” knows the iconic look and sound of the lightsaber. The beautiful glow, the low humming sound as it moves through the air. The lightsaber even gives spectacle as it clashes with another in battle, creating sound and sparks from everything it touches. “Draw Saber” takes everything you love about the idea of fighting with a lightsaber and puts it into a fun puzzle game.

“Draw Saber” pits you against a computer enemy. Each of these enemies has a specific path that their lightsaber will follow. You are tasked with countering this path and striking the opponent with your own lightsaber in order to win. You do this by drawing the moves that you want your character’s lightsaber to execute; they will then perform those moves. The goal is to hit your opponent before they hit you, and even when the path of your enemy’s lightsaber seems easy to counter, a wrong move of your own can let them hit you first.

“Draw Saber” isn’t really a complex game and it’s nothing to write home about in the graphics department, but if you like lightsabers and you like puzzles, it’s a fun little game to fool around with and – as always – to help you waste some time.

“Draw Saber” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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