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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Doglife: Bitlife Dogs’

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Not long ago, I wrote about a game called “Bitlife: Life Simulator.” Basically, you created a character from the beginning of their life and lived it through a text-based adventure all the way to the end. Well, the developers are back, and they’ve created a new version: “Doglife.”

In “Doglife,” the premise is the same. You create a dog and live through their life, making choices along the way with consequences to each one. You can start with choosing to be a street dog, housepet, pet store pup or shelter dog; then, you begin your adventure. You also get to choose what your dog looks like, picking from among various breeds ranging from Labrador retrievers to dachshunds to corgis.

It’s fun to play through each type of life, as the choices and adventures are significantly different. You might start off as a house dog and be a loving companion or you might be the alpha dog in a house with three other dogs. Street dog is one of the most adventurous lives, as you have to try and live off the streets, finding food where you can, avoiding other stray animals … and maybe even eventually finding a human that wants to take you home.

The game also has little features that let you know you’re playing as a dog, such as a “scent database” where you can check the smell of other animals when you sniff them. There are also activities you can choose to do as your dog, like acting up, biting people, trying to get attention, escaping, practicing tricks and more.

“Doglife” is a lot less realistic than “Bitlife,” and understandably so – none of us are real dogs, so how would we even know if the choices we’re making would garner the results that happen in-game? Still, it’s a very interesting and unique game for sure. If you’ve ever wondered what your life might be as a dog, “Doglife” has got you covered, and best of all, it’s free.

“Doglife: Bitlife Dogs” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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