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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Dip Master’

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As someone who spends way too much time on YouTube, I often stumble upon things that I wouldn’t otherwise have found. The “recommended videos” in the sidebar often leads down a rabbit hole of randomly unconnected videos (and occasionally into the “weird” part of YouTube).

However, one of the types of videos I’m always recommended to watch for no apparent reason is videos on “how to hydro dip.” There are all of these people out there devoted to “hydro dipping” everything you can imagine. Shoes, gaming controllers, even their various favorite sporting equipment. Basically, hydro dipping (also known as water transfer printing) is a process where you can apply different color patterns or graphics onto just about any object. You do this with the use of a special hydro film that sits on top of water into which you dip objects. And since it’s all over the internet, someone obviously made a game about it.

“Dip Master” is exactly what it sounds like. There isn’t much else to say – it’s a hydro dipping simulator that takes you through 20 different levels where you hydro dip various objects in any way, color and/or design that you like. As you hydro dip each object, you are graded on your end product and you move on. Your goal is to become the “dip master.” That’s it!

This game was an extremely relaxing experience. You get to be both artistic and creative with the various items and the colors you can mix, as well as pretend to do something that I now want to try on some objects of my own. Thanks a lot video games and YouTube – now I’m into hydro dipping.

“Dip Master” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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