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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Desert Moon’

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Remember that scene in “Starship Troopers” where the alien bugs attack the outpost? You know, the one where they pan the camera over the wall and there are literally hundreds of them. The bugs start running toward the outpost while the troopers fire into the horde, hoping none will get past them or eat them alive.

That scene comes to life in the game “Desert Moon.”

“Desert Moon” features a crew of stranded engineers that have crash landed on a desert planet. You can’t receive help for five days.  Basically, you must survive until help arrives. Learning that the planet is extremely hostile, you must equip your engineers with improvised weapons (fabricated nail guns, cannons that shoot starship fuel and more) and plan your defense carefully. The aliens seek to destroy your supplies and life support; if they succeed, they will be leaving your engineers to a fate of truly dire consequences.

It’s all quite simple. Just place your engineers; they display a range that they can cover with their rifle. You want to place them so there are no gaps in your defense. You battle though waves of aliens, turning them into a gooey mess over a course of five in-game days, with waves of over 300 aliens. Each wave also produces new aliens with new challenges.

Prepare for attack and hope you can survive the harsh five days. You can find “Desert Moon” free to play on


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