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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Dead Zed’

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When you have an online flash game that has been played over 50 million times, you probably ought to take that flash game and make it available on mobile devices. This is what happened to “Dead Zed.”

Zombies have been prevalent in video games for ages. “Dead Zed” is a simple take on the genre. As with most zombie games or movies, the dead are coming back to life, and they are hungry. To survive, you make your way through a map, progressing from location to location. The game takes you from peaceful suburb locations to an abandoned city that looks like it’s straight out of the first episode of “The Walking Dead.” In each location, you are tasked with defending your area by taking out waves of zombies.

“Dead Zed” is just like one of those arcade games that has weapons you physically hold. Your character cannot move and simply stands in place; there is nothing but your fast and accurate aiming that keeps you alive. You start the game with a simple handgun, but as you progress by mowing down zombies, you unlock many different weapons to add to your arsenal: revolvers, automatic rifles, crossbows and more. You can also upgrade these weapons to perform exactly to your comfort level. Each round lets you bring two weapons with you, so choose wisely!

The mobile edition of this classic online game wasn’t just transferred to mobile devices, but was completely overhauled with new gameplay elements, new weapons and locations.

“Dead Zed” is a fantastic zombie game addition to mobile stores – and a great way to waste some time. “Dead Zed” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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