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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Dead by Daylight Mobile’

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If you are a fan of horror movies or games, then this week’s time waster is for you.

“Dead by Daylight Mobile” takes the popular horror survival game from console/pc and brings it to your handheld device. Four people play as survivors trying to escape from a killer, who is played by yet another person. The survivors are tasked with banding together to complete a series of tasks to escape, while the killer hunts them all down.

The gameplay loops are simple. The killer must search for, find and eliminate the survivors; they must also shut off the generators that the survivors are trying to power on. The survivors, on the other hand, have a lot more to do. The survivors must repair the aforementioned generators, which open an exit to leave. They’re forced to do this with communication and planning, all while trying to avoid the killer; they hide when necessary.

When a survivor is spotted by the killer, they need to escape and hide; that said, when playing as a survivor, it’s best to crouch and move slowly so the killer does not see you. The game is essentially a large game of cat and mouse, except the cat is chasing four mice, so it is best that the survivors split up to escape.

“Dead by Daylight” has lots of different survivor and killer characters that players can use, each with their own unique stats and traits. The killers are all greatly inspired by assorted horror entertainments, including a few that are based on iconic Hollywood killers such as Scream and Michael Myers. This game is sure to bring the essence of old Hollywood slasher movies to the palm of your hand. You should feel free to play with the lights off … if you dare.

“Dead by Daylight Mobile” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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