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Weekly Time Waster - 'Crossy Road'

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Ever wonder what the true answer was to the question "Why did the chicken cross the road?" I think the answer might be “To get as far as he can to the other side without being flattened and rack up a super high score.” 

To demonstrate, we have the game “Crossy Road.”

“Crossy Road” is a 21st century version of “Frogger.” Only instead of levels you must complete to move on to more challenging levels, it's an endless runner game. This game is brilliant, and it's also free to play on your phone!

By swiping up, left, right or down, you move your little chicken character to avoid trains, cars and drowning. If you move too slowly, a bald eagle swoops down and picks you up. Each time you play, the map is randomly generated, which means you never hop across the same sets of roads, rivers and train tracks. It is always different.

There is also a nice multiplayer mode instilled into the game. By connecting with up to four friends, you can compete by seeing who can go the farthest without becoming roadkill. It’s extremely fun to watch your friends get flattened by a locomotive while you keep hopping along happily.

So pick up “Crossy Road” for free in the Android or IOS Store. Cross the road, get hit by a train or get swept into rapids by missing that one log. Such is the course of the universe in “Crossy Road.”


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