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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Crazy Kitchen’

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I love food. I really do. All the time. Sure enough, when I’m playing games or otherwise wasting time, I’m usually eating food while doing it. These things obviously go hand in hand, so why not play a game that involves food too?

“Crazy Kitchen” is a puzzle adventure game that sees you matching three or more pieces of food and forming large chains to get them off the board. The more food you match in a chain, the more points you earn. Each level gives you the opportunity to earn up to three stars. Pretty much the usual.

In “Crazy Kitchen”, you are the new chef in town. You can either use a premade avatar or you can upload your face onto a chef avatar. Your friends and family are your customers. And yes, you can upload your friends and family’s faces onto the customers as well. To satisfy their hunger, you must fulfill their orders by matching the foods they want on the board.

Sometimes the game throws challenges at you as well, such as having to break food out of ice blocks on the board or having to get strawberries from various places to the other side of the board to dip them into fondue. There are many challenges, keeping the gameplay extremely fresh. The game starts you off with baked goods and throws you through different cuisines such as Mexican fare, Asian and even burgers.

With over 500 levels, many power-ups to utilize and daily challenges, “Crazy Kitchen” has gotten me lost in a delectable world of food and I hope you can share that same experience with me!

“Crazy Kitchen” is available to download for free from the Android and IOS stores!


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