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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Color Switch’

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Sometimes simplicity is all you need in a game. A game so mind-numbingly simple that you just want to keep playing it over and over again. That is what I found with “Color Switch.”

“Color Switch” is a simple puzzle game, which sees you tapping a colored ball through an obstacle course. The ball however, can only pass through the same color of itself. The objects you go through spin and rotate in different shapes and some obstacles have multiple layers of colors, which makes you have to alter the timing of the tapping of said ball. After each obstacle you go through, the color of your ball changes. Each obstacle counts as one point, and of course, the game sets a high score on how far you can get.

The father you go in this colorful and trippy obstacle course, the harder each obstacle gets. Hit the wrong color, and you have to start all over. There are 10 game modes, each offering you a unique way to play and over 1000 levels for you to complete.

As ludicrous and simple as this game is, I simply can’t pull myself away from its colors, cheesy techno music, and the human drive to go gain a larger high score. The farthest I’ve gotten is 28 obstacles. Can you beat me?

“Color Switch” is free to play on as well as download for free from the IOS and Android stores!


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