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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Color Bump 3D’

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One thing we like in our Time Waster games is pure simplicity. The simpler the game, the easier it is to waste time on. Games that are extremely challenging are always welcome, but sometimes a fun and relaxing game really takes the cake.

Well, in “Color Bump 3D”, that mentioned simplicity is offered … and rewarded.

“Color Bump 3D” sees you play as a ball that needs to get from one end of the level to another – pretty typical. Nothing you haven’t seen before. The level is littered with holes and obstacles. All the obstacles are in large groups and have colors of their own. The biggest catch to getting to the other side of the level is that you can only roll your ball through certain colored obstacles. For instance, one level might see you only able to touch yellow objects, so in a group of white and yellow objects, you can only pass through the yellow. Touch the white and it is game over. The obstacles are tightly grouped together and in different shapes; it can be a really fun challenge to get through them. And really, that’s all there is to it!

“Easy to play, hard to master” is the game’s motto, and it couldn’t ring truer. With over 100 levels, this game should keep you occupied for a while, and it requires nothing from you but a little time to waste!

“Color Bump 3D” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.


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