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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Chessplode’

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I love chess. Always have. Two people taking each other on, in the ultimate game of wits and strategy. Some might call it hardcore checkers, as checkers has fewer moves and board combinations. Others might even call chess plain old boring. One might even argue that chess has always needed something to make it more, exciting. Well, “Chessplode” aims to change the game of chess for us all.

In “Chessplode,” the basic rules of chess remain the same. The difference in “Chessplode” is simply this: there are explosions. You heard me – a chess game with explosions! Explosions in video games make everything more fun, am I right?

In “Chessplode,” if you take an opposing piece on the board, you better pay close attention, as the piece will explode and take out ALL pieces, including your own, in certain vertical and horizontal rows. The only exception is if there is a king in the explosive path. If there is a king in the row, all pieces will survive and the piece that you took is the only one removed from the board. The king, essentially becomes the most powerful piece on the board. It has the power to save life!

It's actually very simple; after a few rounds you will have the hang of it. It makes a regular game of chess become something somewhat new, but for skilled chess players, these new rules definitely are a gamechanger in terms of planning your future moves. In “Chessplode,” you can change the difficulty of the computer player from rookie to pro, but I suggest you start with rookie to get a handle on the new rules of the game.

“Chessplode” is a wonderful take on the classic game, and for newcomers and masters alike, it is well worth wasting a bit of your time. “Chessplode” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores!

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