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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Bottle Flip: 3D’

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Bottle flipping – a phenomenon that took the internet by storm.

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos. People take bottles filled with some water, toss them into the air in a spinning fashion and try to have them land perfectly on different objects. It’s kind of like rubbing your head while patting your stomach – it doesn’t take much to do it, but it certainly wastes precious time. Sure, you could try this at home with a real bottle, but when you’re out and about during the day, you can waste some time flipping bottles on your phone.

Yes, really.

“Bottle Flip 3D” is exactly like its real-life counterpart. You have to flip a plastic bottle and have it land perfectly on different objects such as shelves, tables, chairs, sofas … you get the idea. To do this, you simply tap the screen at the right moment. That’s it.

You can control the strength and distance of the jump for your bottle; calculating this is really the hardest part. Too strong and the bottle might land on its side. Too weak and the bottle might not even make it to its desired destination. As you progress through the levels, they increase in difficulty and even present some interesting places onto which you might flip your bottle. As you play, you also collect coins; as you collect these coins, you get cool new bottles to flip.

Bottle flipping is a great challenge – the sort of challenge that you might just fall in love with. “Bottle Flip 3D” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores. Make sure you download the version made by Tastypill.


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