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Weekly Time Waster - ‘BE-A Walker’

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Have you ever wanted to land on an alien planet and destroy its local inhabitants, a la “Avatar”? All while claiming it for your own selfish resource and colonization needs? Have you ever watched “Star Wars”, and felt the need to hop in an AT-ST walker and squash Ewoks? Well, in “BE-A Walker,” you get to do all those things and more.

“BE-A Walker” (it stands for “Biped Enhanced Assault Walker”) throws you into the drivers’ seat of a two-legged AT-ST-looking battle-mech with the mission of defeating hostile natives and protecting your colony. The game’s premise is that Earth is dying and overpopulated; humanity has found a planet called Eldorado to colonize. It is Earth-like, with massive amounts of rare minerals to extract. Problem is, the atmosphere is poisonous and there is a native race of warlike creatures that aren’t too happy about the new “sky people” trying to invade their home.

Problem A can be solved through atmospheric filters. Problem B, however, requires … other measures.

The walker you pilot is a phenomenal machine, armed to the teeth with lasers and rockets and with massive legs that can easily stomp and crush your foes. Also cool - you have to control the battle-mech one leg at a time. Basically, you have independent control of your legs to move or squash your enemies.

Let’s be clear: in this game, as you destroy helpless inhabitants on a planet that isn’t your own, you are clearly the bad guy. There is no doubt about that. Real talk. Now, not everyone likes playing the bad guy. In an effort to cater to those players, the story can branch off into letting you decide you would prefer to become a humanist trying to protect the natives as you take the side of the aliens. You become a traitor to your own planet, sure, but at least you can crush your human friends and destroy the colony they have built up if you want. So there’s that.

Destroy the native aliens or lead their forces in their effort to protect their planet. The choice is yours!

“BE-A Walker” is free to download in a fun demo form only on the Android store; however, unlocking the full game does cost a small donation of $4.99 on both the IOS and Android stores.

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