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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Army Men Strike’

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When I was a kid, I used to stage massive battles with bags upon bags of green and tan army men. You know the ones; you can find them at the dollar store and just about every toy store. My dad and I even built a command center out of wood and spray painted it camo colors; it was always used as the base being attacked or defended in my childhood scenarios. There have been plenty of video games over the years that portrayed this childhood memory on the big screen, but I finally found one that does it in the palm of my hand.

“Army Men Strike” is a strategy game that features you as the captain of the green army, tasked with fighting a successful war against the evil tan army. You must recruit soldiers and obtain vehicles and drop them onto the battlefield in a tower defense-type scenario. Basically, there will be a tan base on a carpet in a kid’s room; you have different areas around the carpet where you can deploy your troops. You want your heavy vehicles/soldiers to deploy near bunkers and hard-to-defeat targets and then roll your infantry into areas where they can attack other infantry.

And would it be a kid’s room without toys other than green army men? You also can deploy toy jets, transformer robot and more! With many different scenarios and different tactics to try, you truly get to feel like a kid again playing with plastic army men. While you’re attacking the tan army, you also get to whistle along to military tunes such as “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” and “On, Brave Old Army Men.” Oh, and there is a multiplayer aspect; you can attack other people’s bases if you so choose, but it is not necessary.

“Army Men Strike” is available to download on the Android and IOS stores. Head out there and melt down that evil tan army!

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