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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Apex Legends’

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This week we are going to take a detour from mobile gaming and head over to the PC/console realm.

If you’ve played any free-to-play games on console lately, they’ve most likely been some sort of variation of a battle royale game - most notably, Fortnite or PUBG (free on mobile at least). A new kid has arrived on the block though – “Apex Legends”. This game was announced the same day it was released and took the entire gaming world by surprise, as it was kept a complete secret.

So let’s find out what it’s all about – and how you can waste some time on it.

“Apex Legends” is a free-to-play battle royale game. Set in a future universe where an interstellar war has wrapped up, a planet untouched by the war has seen an influx of new residents from destroyed planets. With a huge power struggle for land and resources on the planet, the residents settle their differences in the “Apex Games,” a bloodsport where legends and residents from the galaxy compete for money, fame and glory. Basically, think “Hunger Games” in space.

There are eight characters currently available to play, with more on the way; each brings unique abilities to the arena to benefit their team. For instance, one character has the ability to make digital copies of himself and distract other players so he can either flank them or make a covert escape from a sticky situation. Another character has a medical droid that can heal the entire team, which ensures each player can save their personal medical supplies for when they need them the most. The game puts you on teams of three, with 20 squads total in the arena. The last squad standing wins.

At the beginning of each match, you, your team and multiple other squads drop out of a ship onto a fairly large map with multiple biomes. You must scavenge weapons and supplies to enable you to make your final stand and survive the arena. With many different weapons, attachments and gadgets to pick up, there is a playstyle for everyone. As with most battle royale games, there is a damage-causing circle that moves everyone closer together as time goes on. And you win by mastering and coordinating your characters abilities, making strategic decisions and being able to resurrect teammates who become eliminated.

“Apex Legends” is one of the most innovative battle royale games we’ve seen so far. With over 10 million downloads in just two weeks (not to mention a price tag of completely free), “Apex Legends” has earned a time-wasting place on many gaming PCs and consoles – and deserves a spot on yours as well.

“Apex Legends” is free to download on the Origin on PC, Playstation, and Xbox Live Marketplaces.


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