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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Angry Birds Star Wars’

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A long time ago, a gaming sensation blew up the app stores on both iPhone and Android. That game was called “Angry Birds” and it is still a hit today. It even yielded a movie.

Well, the creators of “Angry Birds” decided to dive into the “Star Wars” universe. So I present to you, “Angry Birds Star Wars”. This isn’t a new game or anything - it has been out for a few years - but hey,  if you need to waste some time at the office, in bed or even in the bathroom with an “Angry Birds” game, then why not do it with a Star Wars theme?

“Angry Birds Star Wars” sees you in a galaxy far, far away as a group of Rebel birds facing off against none other than the Empire. Except, this Empire consists of Pigtroopers. With the Rebel birds stealing the secret plans of the PIG STAR, you must help them on a journey to destroy it and save the galaxy once and for all. “Blasting” your way through familiar locations, there are over 200 levels to complete, each a challenging puzzle on its own. Using the force, a lightsaber or even Han Solo’s Bird Blaster, you must destroy all the Pigtroopers on each level. Eventually, you’ll meet up with none other than Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Pigs.

With hours of gameplay - and some comedy to boot - you’re sure to burn plenty of time wreaking havoc on the Empire’s Pigtroopers. “Angry Birds Star Wars” is free to download on the Android and iOS stores. May the Force be with you.


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