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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Angry Birds 2’

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Back in 2009, “Angry Birds” took the world of mobile gaming by storm, as this little game appeared out of nowhere that provided hours upon hours of entertainment. Slinging birds at green little pigs on towers somehow was the most addicting thing in the world. Then “Angry Birds 2” was created, and with it many ties to the movies and other nonsense that have graced our screens since.

“Angry Birds 2” takes the premise of the first title and builds upon it. With each bird in the game having the likeness and characteristics of the birds from the movies, it’s easy to fall in love with your favorite from the movie in the game. There is a lot to do in “Angry Birds 2,” the normal gameplay loop of various birds with different abilities still stands, but there is a new type of progression, as well as many new features.

You start off only having Red, the leader of the Angry Birds, who when launched can emit a battle cry that helps to knock down towers from a short distance away before he hits them. As you complete each level and move across the board, you collect keys which allow you to unlock the other birds in the crew. What differs from the first game is you don’t unlock them in a set order, but rather get to pick who you unlock each time and then use their newly acquired abilities to keep pushing through the levels.

With lots of daily challenges and hats to collect for your birds (which boosts your score multipliers), there is a lot to do in “Angry Birds 2.” They have loads of seasonal events – and seasonal hats – as well! You can also play in an arena mode when you hit a certain level, to compete against other players to see who can get the highest score on a level. If you enjoyed the time you wasted on the first “Angry Birds” game, I can promise you there is even more fun to be had in the sequel.

“Angry Birds 2” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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