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Weekly Time Waster - ‘American Dad! Apocalypse Soon’

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If you’re familiar with actor/comedian Seth MacFarlane, then you’ve probably seen his show “American Dad!”. With many adult animated cartoons having their own game out there in the mobile world, “American Dad!” finally gets its time in the spotlight.

In “American Dad! Apocalypse Soon,” aliens have invaded Langley Falls and taken Stan Smith’s family hostage. You must build an underground base under Stan’s house, build an army by cloning Roger the alien and fight to take back the town and save the Smith family.

“American Dad! Apocalypse Soon” is basically a shelter design and base building game similar to “Fallout Shelter.” As you build your underground base, you create different types of rooms, such as utility rooms to produce energy, armories to produce weapons such as baseball bats and plasma revolvers and even a mint to produce currency. You do all this to work at equipping your Roger clones with the best weapons and gear possible so that you can eventually send them into battle.

There’s some idle time while you’re producing resources, filled in by completing missions. The game has plenty of missions to complete with various stages. As you get to the final stage in each mission, you attempt to save a missing family member. The battles are also fun as your clones participate in turn-based combat against enemies. When your clones go into battle, you’ll acquire chests which give you random rewards to be used to upgrade your army or base.

The game also gives you tasks to complete, which is nice as you have structured goals. Of course, this wouldn’t be an “American Dad!” game without the comedy. And there are many laughs to be had; the narrative was written in collaboration with the “American Dad!” writers!

“American Dad! Apocalypse Soon” is a fantastic base-building RPG game, sure to not only waste your time, but give you some laughs along the way! This game is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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