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Weekly Time Waster Rullo'

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One of the most popular puzzle types out there is the Sudoku. Figuring out those number patterns has proven to be an addictive process for many people. While I'm more of a crossword puzzle guy myself, I'm not averse to filling in a few digits every once in a while.

Then you come across a game like 'Rullo,' a puzzling little diversion that is kinda sorta like Sudoku, but also offering slightly different challenges as well.

It's pretty simple there's a grid featuring rows of numbers. You can do 5 x 5, 6 x 6, all the way up to 9 x 9. Along the edges of these grids are boxes featuring additional numbers. Your goal when playing 'Rullo' is figure out which of the numbers in the grid can stay and which must go in order to make each row and column add up to the total in the box at the end of the line.

However, much like Sudoku, every number you add or remove changes the situation. Every number must be accounted for and balance must be sought as you try and determine just which numbers are needed to meet all of the necessary criteria.

There's a fair amount of thinking to be done with 'Rullo,' though it isn't a particularly difficult to game. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be clicking and unclicking numbers with glorious abandon. Available to play for free on

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