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Weekly Time Waster - '99 Bricks'

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Sometimes when you want to waste time, you want something that is familiar. Other times, you want something new. And still others, you’re looking for something that is reminiscent of something familiar, yet different enough to pique your curiosity.

“99 Bricks” falls into the latter category.

Initially, it looks like a variation on “Tetris,” itself a tried and true whiler-away of idle time. You’re building a tower from descending bricks of different shapes that you can move and rotate. However, this game differs in that stuff doesn’t necessarily come down precisely the way you want it to.

See, it’s possible in “99 Bricks” to stack bricks in an unbalanced fashion. This means that rather than simply sticking fast whenever they contact the tower, these bricks can slide and tip, quickly resulting in stacks that are precariously piled. At any given moment, one of your bricks could land in just the wrong spot and fall off the side into the abyss – often taking a significant chunk of your tower with you.

As the title implies, you have 99 bricks with which to build your tower. The game keeps track of both where you are at any given moment and the highest point your tower has reached over the course of the entire game. You are scored accordingly.

“99 Bricks” isn’t “Tetris,” but it’s close – and if you’ve ever demanded more balancing for your brick-stacking, this game’s a good way to go. Play for free at


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