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Weekly Time Waster (05-18-2016)

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Deterministic Dungeon'

Have you ever found yourself playing a small-scale turn-based RPG and said to yourself 'I wish I was somehow in charge of this whole thing, but only in a more-or-less random fashion,' only to resign yourself to the whims of some far-off game designers?

Resign no more, because 'Deterministic Dungeon' gives you just the illusion of control that you're looking for.

Basically, the layout, the enemies, the loot it's all chosen by you. Sort of. There's a big red button that you push that determines everything. Location of the stairs? Big red button. Number of enemies in a given room? Button. The type of stuff dropped after kills? Button.

You get the picture.

The gameplay itself is about what you'd expect it to be (though of course the button determines how much damage a given attack will do). There's a colorful cartoony vibe to it that gives your character (selected randomly of course) and his enemies a fun aesthetic.

I will say that choosing your own adventure to this extent can get to be a little much. However, the game does allow you to bypass some of the button-pushing specifically the level layouts - if you so desire, which certainly speeds things along.

'Deterministic Dungeon' basically turns you into a random number generator, but in a fun way. And one thing's for sure you'll never play the same game twice. You can play the game at


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