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Weekly Time Waster (05-11-2016)

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Retro X: Arcade'

You might have heard that a little movie called 'X-Men: Apocalypse' is opening later this month. It's the third installment in the decades-spanning reboot of the 'X-Men' film franchise; this one is set in 1983.

Why is that important? Because in one of the most delightful movie marketing tie-in moves in recent memory, the folks behind the film have offered up a trio of retro-style video games to accompany the film.

There's 'Mutant Conquest,' where you must find your way through the bowels of an ancient pyramid in search of secrets long hidden by the sands. You must avoid the Four Protectors of the Pyramid, whose sole mission is to prevent your escape. It's pretty much 'Pac-Man.'

There's 'Revenge of Hero X,' where one brave soul has returned from one mission saving the world from zombies only to be thrust into another life-or-death scenario. Hero X must save humanity from the robot apocalypse that is on the verge of enslaving mankind. This one is basically 'Robotron: 2084.'

Finally, there's 'Mutant All-Stars Track & Field,' where you select a competitor with which to complete standard events such as the 100-meter dash, the high jump and the javelin throw. It is you guessed it a take on the classic 'Track & Field.' It's also my personal favorite of the bunch.

Yes, it's basically box office propaganda, but it's also a heck of a lot fun. Find it at or at


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