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Weekly Time Waster (05-04-2016)

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'Zenge: Starborn'

So if it hasn't been made clear yet, my interests when it comes to games that waste time is a fairly simple one. Give me puzzles of ascending difficulty they should get harder, but not TOO much harder, as we go. Even the most basic game can enthrall if done right.

'Zenge: Starborn' (which is apparently a companion to another game called 'Zenge' that I couldn't be bothered to investigate), from the delightfully-named Hamster on Coke Games, is just such a basic game.

It's all about spatial relations. You've got a number of different shapes mounted on rails that you can move from point to point with your mouse. These pieces are intended to come together in very specific ways ways that sometimes aren't as clear as you might expect. As the levels advance, you're given a bit more control over the movement of your shapes, but ultimately, it's all going to boil down to whether you can put the patterns together.

Again I like simple. This is the sort of game that, given the right mindset, can provide a good and solid method for frittering away your free time. It never gets hard, but it's pretty good about shaking it up when things start to get a little boring.

'Zenge: Starborn' works the brain cells a little, but not so much as to make playing the game anything other than relaxing. You can play it at


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