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Weekly Time Waster (04-27-2016)

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Red Remover'

I haven't been in charge of this feature for very long, but my tastes in time-wasting have definitely defined themselves quickly. The truth is that my comfort zone regarding frittering away a few minutes is a limited one.

Happily, 'Red Remover' fits snugly within that zone.

It's a simple premise. All red shapes must be removed from the screen. All green ones must stay. Blue ones can stay or go, it makes no difference. You can remove shapes by clicking them, but you mustn't forget gravity or any of the other forces that exert themselves on your shapes.

While the levels grow progressively more difficult, the learning curve is gentle enough to prevent any real frustration from setting in. And even if some level or another proves too daunting, there's an easily-accessed link to a video play-through that will give you the information you need to overcome any task that proves too tricky.

This is one of those games that is deceptive in its simplicity. Minutes will simply disappear as you try to scheme your way around the various distributions of shapes. It's not a particularly long game, which is nice if you're just looking for a short-term distraction. And if you're looking to get more involved, there's a level editor that'll let you try your hand at colorful chaos.

'Red Remover' is an easy and engaging way to while away a bit of time. Find it at


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