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Weekly Time Waster (04-20-2016)

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Easy Joe 4'

I am nothing if not reactionary in my timewasting tendencies. After last week's incident with a game that would only allow me to fritter away my day if I learned something along the way, I wanted to make sure to bring things back into balance.

That brings me to 'Easy Joe 4,' a side-scrolling platformer created by the folks at FastGames. The premise is simple you are Joe, a little green rabbit who inexplicably wants to do a bunch of things. To achieve your simple goals, you must use the items made available to you in each environment.

The game is mouse-only, so it's nice and mindless. Just click on stuff that looks like it can be clicked on and things will happen. Granted, some of the things include animating billboard robots, raising the dead, finding true love and delightfully using the toilet on a train.

Yes, really.

'Easy Joe 4' could be called a lot of things. 'Cute,' for instance, or 'easy to play.' 'Simple, yet engaging' works too. But you would never call it 'educational' and that's OK. Relatively mindless entertainment is what the Weekly Time Waster is all about.

Sure, sometimes you want a little complexity of substance in your idleness. But sometimes - sometimes you just want to watch an adorably blocky green bunny wander the land and vanquish his enemies in a variety of Rube Goldberg-lite ways. Play 'Easy Joe 4' at


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