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Weekly Time Waster (04-13-2016)

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'Bond Breaker 2.0'

Ordinarily, I'm pretty adamant that my time-wasting entertainment have little-to-no informational value. I have plenty of opportunities to learn things when I'm wasting time, I like to be sure that it is good and wasted.

However, there's nothing to be done when I encounter an insidious little game like 'Bond Breaker 2.0.' It's fun and it's easy and I'm going to learn something whether I like it or not.

You are a proton, that ever-positive particle and fundamental building block. To make your way through the dangers ahead of you, you must utilize the power of chemistry. You have to form and break molecular bonds, take advantage of lasers and avoid scanning microscopes you know, the usual stuff.

And through it all, you're given access to wonderful synopses of the assorted scientific processes that make up the game. It's a crash course in basic chemistry; there are even extended descriptions that break down the science even more (though you can opt not to read those).

This engaging little puzzler is the result of a collaborative effort between TestTubeGames (an indie game developer) and CaSTL (a chemistry research center at the University of California-Irvine). The game is based on the advanced small-scale chemistry experiments that the lab performs every day.

'Bond Breaker 2.0' is an entertaining game that manages to toss some knowledge your way. While I'm not in it to learn anything, if you are, you'll have a lot of fun with this one. Check it out at


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