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Weekly Time Waster (03-30-2016)

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Oculus Rift Office Experience

In an effort to be more inclusive at the workplace, Oculus Rift, the gear famous for bringing many video games to life in fully-immersive virtual reality, has released the new 'Office Experience.'

This allows people who work from the comfort of their own home to still become immersed in the soul-crushing reality of office life. Rather than seeing your family, the view of your front yard, or listening to your own music while you strive to meet the demands of your employer, you can still hear the hum of fluorescent lights, be nagged by a boss as if he were actually there, and best of all, instead of a view you can see what looks to be a real cubicle wall (which is appropriately, gray and lifeless - much like your career).

Many companies have leapt at the chance to incorporate this into their workplaces.

'We were getting complaints from workers who don't have a good excuse to work from home, that their counterparts seemed to be more productive, have better morale, and seemed to get more out of life,' said Richard Keister, CEO of Tabula Rasa Industries. 'This nips that right in the bud, and keeps our satellite employees just as micromanaged and soulless as the rest of our staff.'


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