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Weekly Time Waster – ‘Words With Friends 2’

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Scrabble has entertained friends and families for many years as one of the best word-building games of all time, challenging you to not only thrown down the best word you know onto the board to accumulate points, but also challenging you to expand your vocabulary and discover new words. In a world where many are busy, and one might not be able to find the time to sit and play a few games of Scrabble, we are saved by technology.

I give you - “Words With Friends 2.”

Now you might ask, what about the first “Words With Friends” game? Well, this is their newest version, and while it has all the same offerings as the previous game, it also brings lots of new things to the table. In “WWF2,” you are pitted against friends, or strangers from all around the world in an intense game of building up the highest score by spelling out words.

Just like Scrabble, the board contains boosts such as “double word” or “triple letter” on which you can strategically place your words and boost your score. What’s nice is that the game is always live, so you and the other player can make moves on your own time until the game finishes; no need to sit around for 30 minutes and play the game fully out.

In this new version, they have also added solo challenges, where you can play against a computer player to train and improve your word skills. Each computer player you defeat brings a newer more challenging one.

“Words With Friends 2” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores. May the best friend win!


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