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Weekly Time Waster – ‘This Is the Only Level’

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In “This is the only level,” you play as an elephant trying to get from one side of the room to the other (there must be a joke there somewhere?); when you win, you cross the same room again. Over and over. 

With different platforms and spikes on the ground and ceiling as your obstacles, you must make it to the other side in one piece. Using your arrow keys, mouse or any other buttons the game tells you to use, you must press a red button on a platform to open the door blocking the end of the level and then go through the door. There is a catch however.

Every time you get to the other side, you respawn with a new challenge. They range anywhere from the controls being switched backwards to challenges such as only being able to jump once or having to use the “death spikes” as trampolines and not touch the ground. Each challenge has a nice clever name to go along with it as well, such as “A bit bouncy in here.” These names give you hints as to what you can expect as your challenge, as sometimes you’ll find the arrow keys won’t control your character.

The game presents itself as absolute simplicity, but I spent way too much time playing it. I got through 20 levels before I told myself to stop, so I’m unsure of how many challenging possibilities it could eventually throw at you. “This Is the Only Level” is free to play on!


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