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Weekly Time Waster – ‘Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football’

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With the NFL season upon us this week, I always like to remind everyone about the “Madden Mobile” app, to play some fun digital football along with the football season. It is that time again! However, this year, things are a bit different.

“Madden” as a franchise has always been a yearly release title, and Electronic Arts has decided to push that into the mobile universe as well. In fact, “Madden” in its mobile form is now an entirely new game, so everything you might have had or the team you build in the old game is gone and everyone gets to start over! Yay? A bit sad for people who might have invested heavily in the old app.

So what is “Madden NFL 21 Mobile”? You take on the role of an NFL general manager, and your goal of course is to take your team to the super bowl. You do this just like the old app, by continually collecting, and upgrading your players. It is a bit like building a fantasy football team, except you start with low ranked players, and constantly swap them out with better players as you collect them, building your team to an overall rating between all players. The players can be anyone from current NFL players to legends from the past.

The GM mode takes you through the real NFL season, but of course, you can also play against other people online. There is also a new game mode called “The Yard” which lets you create a football player and play in an almost backyard football fashion in 5v5 scenarios like you would play with your friends at the local field. The offense has a quarterback, a running back, a center to hike the ball, a tight end, and a wide receiver. The defense has a defensive tackle, a middle linebacker, two cornerbacks and a safety. Your created player can be any of the offensive skill positions, which is nice for people who don’t just want to always play quarterback. You can edit how your player looks, how they enter the field, how they celebrate their TDs and how they act when they lose a game.

There is a lot to love from the new concept of “Madden NFL 21 Mobile,” but there is also a lot to dislike, as this newly released game can be a bit buggy. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it this NFL season. “Madden NFL 21 Mobile” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores. Get out there and hit the gridiron!

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